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Pity the Nation: Honduras Is Being Eaten from within and without

Compassion was identified as the preferred care medium by patients, enhancing the key aspects of engaging suffering, understanding the person and emotional resonance contained within empathy, while adding defining qualities of being motivated by love, the altruistic role of the responder, action, and small but supererogatory acts of kindness. On Hellespont, guilty of true-love's blood, In view and opposite two cities stood, Sea-borderers, disjoined by Neptune's might; The one Abydos, the other Sestos hight. At Sestos Hero dwelt; Hero the fair, Whom young Apollo courted for her hair, And offered as a dower his burning throne, Where she should sit for men to gaze upon. The outside of her garments were of lawn, The lining purple silk ... Anthony Ashley Cooper, third Earl of Shaftesbury, was no fan of Shakespeare. Surveying the development of English drama from the vantage of the early 1700s, he lamented Shakespeare’s “natural Rudeness, his unpolish’d Stile, his antiquated Phrase and Wit, his want of Method and Coherence, and his Deficiency in almost all the Graces and Ornaments of this kind of Writing”. In an episode of The Russell Brand Show broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on Saturday 18 October 2008, comedian Russell Brand and presenter Jonathan Ross made prank calls to actor Andrew Sachs that led to controversy in the United Kingdom. Brand and Ross called Sachs to interview him on-air; when he did not answer, they left a series of lewd messages on his answering machine, including comments about ... The spark may have been lit in America, but the global fires are being kept alive by the fuel of national grievances. For the United States, this cultural dominance is both an enormous strength ... The Same Subject Continued: Concerning Dangers From Foreign Force and Influence. For the Independent Journal.. Author: John Jay To the People of the State of New York: IT IS not a new observation that the people of any country (if, like the Americans, intelligent and wellinformed) seldom adopt and steadily persevere for many years in an erroneous opinion respecting their interests. Human definition, of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or having the nature of people: human frailty. See more. Proem. A kindly thing it is to have compassion of the afflicted and albeit it well beseemeth every one, yet of those is it more particularly required who have erst had need of comfort and have found it in any, amongst whom, if ever any had need thereof or held it dear or took pleasure therein aforetimes, certes, I am one of these. For that, having from my first youth unto this present been ... The latest Tweets from ABC News (@abcnews). Latest news updates (mostly automated) from the Australian Broadcasting Corp. This is an official @abcaustralia account. Australia Crimes against the Polish nation committed by Nazi Germany and Axis collaborationist forces during the invasion of Poland, along with auxiliary battalions during the subsequent occupation of Poland in World War II, consisted of the murder of millions of ethnic Poles and the systematic extermination of Jewish Poles.The Nazis justified these genocides on the basis of their racial theories, which ...

2021.12.03 13:30 News2016 Pity the Nation: Honduras Is Being Eaten from within and without

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2021.12.03 13:30 shreesha20 Ping go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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2021.12.03 13:30 Travbowman Undefeated teams by time zone

So we won't get a new map today because only two of the remaining 14 undefeated teams played last night, and both won. That said, yesterday's map looked really bizarre as far as geographic distribution of teams vs where D1 teams are commonly located.
Here's a breakdown of teams by time zone. I included Arizona in MST, since that's the time zone they play most of their games in.
Hawaiian-Aleutian time Zone:
0 out of 1 teams remaining, 0 percent
Pacific time zone:
2 out of 38 teams remaining, 5.2 percent
Mountain Time Zone:
4 out of 24 teams remaining, 16.7 percent
Central Time Zone:
7 out of 108 teams remaining, 6.5 percent
Eastern Time Zone:
1 out of 187 teams remaining, 0.5 percent
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2021.12.03 13:30 Randomusernamdotexe A greater Turkey (Kurdistan + Mîsak-ı milli territories + Soviet-Turkish war in 1942)

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2021.12.03 13:30 PatientTraffic7511 Double double toil and trouble, bunsen burn and beaker bubble

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2021.12.03 13:30 johnrock001 What are Manga and Anime?

What are Manga and Anime? - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/what-are-manga-and-anime/
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2021.12.03 13:30 _Sanin KaraStar Meme #MEMES #MEME#

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2021.12.03 13:30 kthl586 It is a seamless peer-to-peer crypto assets swap platform.

#123swap #private #seed #tokensale #started #trending #Exclusive #Crypto"
It is a seamless peer-to-peer crypto assets swap platform. 123swap leverages the wisdom of the crowd to create a community-governed.
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2021.12.03 13:30 weatherman278 Why don’t you come down here, you bitch?

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2021.12.03 13:30 catopolt Quebec Questions!

Hello! I'm one of many Americans trying to gtfo, and I've been thinking about Quebec. I'm 24, speak intermediate French, work in theater, and have my own jewelry business. My main worry is about getting a job, I've heard the Quebec job market is based mostly on networking and it's difficult as an outsider. Does anyone have any experience? Are there any Quebecois job boards I should keep an eye on for job listings? Like I said, I work in theater, so most of my prospects would be local businesses. Should I start investing more in my own business, or will moving a business across borders be difficult? I'm keeping up my French practice, what else should I do to prepare for life in Quebec? I'm definitely most interested in Montreal, I'm a born and raised city kid, but I'm not closed off to other areas if there's opportunity. Thank you!!
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2021.12.03 13:30 HyperbolicShapes Just put me out of my misery.

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2021.12.03 13:30 nasaboi_tj ITAP of a couple at the beach

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2021.12.03 13:30 Noscarface Looking for developers

Hello I’m a young developer and I’m currently looking to build a team of developers to create this amazing app. Best if you are in Miami/Florida
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2021.12.03 13:30 WilloW_2 Help me it's urgent

I was doing research work for my college on chrome but forget that I was on Incognito mode ( and I don't wanna mention why I was on incognito mode before that ). So, I was downloading some documents and files but accidentally close Chrome and now all data is lost. It took me 1 hour to find the relevant material.
Is there is any way?
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2021.12.03 13:30 mayonnaise219 That's just a regular 7 year old

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2021.12.03 13:30 Significant_Comment7 What is your thought on death?

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2021.12.03 13:30 AnxiousDuck0909 Concerned about Leukemia or other cancers after workplace exposure

Currently 28M, 6’1, 190lbs, history of hypertension, anxiety, and ADHD. Currently on a beta-blocker and 30mg Adderall XR.
I have health anxiety. I am being treated for it and it is largely controlled, however my concern on this issue is becoming too great to handle on my own and wanted to get some other opinions. This is a longer post, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible.
While in college at age 19, I took a job at a very small "under the table" business building wooden outdoor furniture. I included this detail because since the business was so small, regulations and safety precautions were non-existent. I worked 24 hours per week on average over around 11 months. My first position there was located in a small shed-type building using sanders to sand down wooden products (I think it was pine?). There were approximately 12 of us in this tiny building using very-fine grit sanders for eight hours per day. The building had no ventilation and no one wore any sort of respirators, masks, or anything like that. The doors were always shut and it would get ridiculously hot inside. At the end of the day, it was not uncommon to sneeze out a dust cloud of wood particles. This went on for approximately five months, before I was "promoted" to a new position in a nearby building as an assembler. In this building there was a large vat of wood stain, maybe 50 gallons or so, that was used to stain products. My position as an assembler was less than 10 feet from this vat of stain.Workers would stain pieces, then pass them off to me for assembly. When being handed off to me, these pieces were still wet with stain and the entire time I worked there my hands were essentially stained a deep brown. Of course, like the other building, there were no precautions being taken, little to no ventilation, no gloves, respirators, etc. It was not uncommon for me to have a sore throat or nose from breathing in the fumes all day. There were several instances of stain splashing into my eyes, which burned and had to be washed out. The workers that were staining usually would dump several pieces into the vat and would dip part of or even their entire hand into the vat of wood stain to "fish out" the products when staining. They would do this ALL DAY - EVERY DAY. On a handful of instances, I would fill in for these workers. I remained in my position near the stain position until I was eventually laid off approximately six months after my promotion - meaning I was at this company for a total of around 11 months. I ended up finishing school, now have a master's degree and a well-paying job. However, since that time I have developed a severe health anxiety (and anxiety in general, which I am being treated for). I am overwhelmingly concerned about being exposed to all of the toxins in my position close to ten years ago. I wish I could go back and kick myself for not wearing PPE. While the sawdust is concerning, I am most concerned with my exposure to the wood stain. I was able to look up the specific stain we used, which apparently contains benzene and other known carcinogens. After reading many case-studies and academic journals on the topic, I am terrified I am going to end up with Leukemia either soon or even later on down the road. Are my concerns justified? Is my overall risk still low or should I prepare myself?
I get usually yearly or bi-yearly blood work for various reasons. My WBC has always been slightly low, usually 3.2 - 4.9 range, and have always bordered on anemia, but my doctor has never expressed concern. I have never told my doctor about my exposures or concerns with this.
I was able to locate the safety sheet for the particular stain that we used if interested - here (or at least very similar).
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2021.12.03 13:30 Itz_Boaty_Boiz Cursed_produce

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2021.12.03 13:30 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] AP Top Stories December 3rd ¦ Associated Press on Youtube

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2021.12.03 13:30 Fleetfox17 Listening to multiple audio sources at the same time on a Pixel.

Hey everyone, just looking for some quick advice, I've Googled this and can't seem to find a good answer. Sometimes I like to listen an audio book and have ambient noise playing in the background, I had a Galaxy S8 I think that used to be able to do this but I can't seem to find a way to do it on my Pixel, is there an App or a Widget that I'm missing? Is it not possible? Thanks for any help.
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2021.12.03 13:30 mynameispain99 Ah yes, a new occult sim

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2021.12.03 13:30 ariesartist The Dragon Reborn- the funniest book?

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, I find the Dragon Reborn (the 3rd book) to be the funniest book overall.
We get:

any other funny moments (intentional or unintentional) from TDR I'm missing? Are there other books that are funnier overall?
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2021.12.03 13:30 Hellstromm Factory reset Android and recover from Google backup

If I factory reset my phone and then just allow Google to "restore" my account and data from it's backup, what does it actually put back on? Is it "clean"? Is it just account information and clean install of apps that it puts on? I want my phone to run as well as possible and would rather do it all manually if it's the better option.
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2021.12.03 13:30 NachoMan_HandySavage Supervisor Wasting my Time for 11 Months

Almost two years ago, I got an assignment from my supervisor to edit and redo the Info Packet that we handed out to state employees, either when they came in for help on their own, at tabling events, etc. The packet while containing a lot of useful information, was visually a mess, and was clearly just multiple different pages that they copy and pasted together. In the back of the packet, was a bunch of useful email addresses and phone numbers for state employees so they could know which unit or agency to contact with what question. Much of the contact info was outdated
Day 1 of receiving the assignment, I sit down with my supervisor and her supervisor and specifically ask what they are looking for in this new packet that I am going to be making. Do we just want to change it visually, make it completely digital, add and/or remove information, etc. And I am told "We want to see what you are capable of and what you can come up with." (FUCK).
It quickly becomes clear that my supervisor and her supervisor have less than zero interest in this project getting completed. At one point, I had sent my revisions to them for review and after not hearing them for two weeks, I emailed asking again if they had any updates. I was then angrily told that I should not have waited such a long time to get an update and that I was being lazy. I was then written up. Another time, I was told that I was not being creative enough and the Info Packet looked boring, and I asked "Well, what would make it better? Do we have any sort of budget? Can we pay to get images?" I was told that that was not their job to figure out.
This went on for almost 11 months before I eventually left that job. I was helping a friend last night look into a state job and I saw that the Info Packet was now on the website so we looked at it.... It was the same old one that has been in use since who knows when. No updates or changes were ever made. Thanks for wasting almost 11 months of my life on that bull and causing all told levels of stress.
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