Is it only me who thinks new 1.18 world generation is similar to how beta did it?

2021.12.03 12:38 opera38532 Is it only me who thinks new 1.18 world generation is similar to how beta did it?

I recently started playing on 1.18 and before that I always felt that alpha had something that new versions of don't but I always thought it was just nostalgia but now I know it isn't.
it's just something about the way hills generate that triggers my memory. I think I'll just slap on some fog and alpha textures and embrace it

what do you think?
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2021.12.03 12:38 No_Dinner3975 Join !!

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2021.12.03 12:38 SecretAccount69Nice The Whales are real. Over $12,000 worth of Forum Gold on this account.

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2021.12.03 12:38 MatrixKen Mind is racing and cock is throbbing

First thing I'm a 46 year old male been married for 23 years. Having some bedroom issues with my wife. Going on over 3 months of nothing. I have taken steps to get off. Sneaking pics of her just to see her nude. She had a surgery about 5 to 6 years ago and things were never the same. I do a ton of masterbating but sick of the dumb bad acting in all of these porn videos.
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2021.12.03 12:38 Doom9828 When the gang isn't feeling it.

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2021.12.03 12:38 mayhapsintellectual Kimberlena Yellowhair, missing from Chilchinbeto, AZ, since Oct 6, 2021.

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2021.12.03 12:38 JellySea6682 Apollo 3 and Stormforge population differences

Which one of the two do you think is going to end up having more population overall, even though one wants to keep doin cataclysm when the other one wants to start with MOP first? Apollo 2 had a lot of people, and atlantiss has a big potential maybe both will be populated even though tauri wow has been low pop so far?
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2021.12.03 12:38 olsonolsen trick and treat

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2021.12.03 12:38 _snow_boarder Peeling

Hey, all.
I’ve been using Tret .025% cream every other day for about 2 weeks for anti aging and acne purposes.
I’ve got some serious peeling going on right now. Should I continue to use my tret while i’m peeling? Am i using it too often? Not consistently enough?
My regimen - AM: cleanse, hyaluronic acid, caffeine eye serum, niacinamide, rose hip seed oil, moisturizer, sunscreen
PM: cleanse, hyaluronic acid, eye serum, moisturizer, tret
once/week: AHA/BHA chemical peel twice/month: dermaplane
I’ve used the “moisturizer buffer” many have recommend in hopes of decreasing peeling without success
also - have been slugging with aquaphor on my off days from tret. still drinking lots of water.
any suggestions for wearing foundation during this peeling stage (primer, avoid all together?)
any/all input is much appreciated!
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2021.12.03 12:38 NotWhalek Trans rights are human rights 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️

In this household we stand for the flag(s) 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️
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2021.12.03 12:38 Quinndalin66 Chaining in the trophy garden

I really want to get a shiny cast form, and serebii says it has a 5% chance to spawn as a daily Pokémon. Does this just mean every day there is a different special Pokémon or how would I go about this? Thank you
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2021.12.03 12:38 furudds Does anyone know how to find this ship ? It's on one of the loading screens

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2021.12.03 12:38 lss_bvt_ios_05 LssTest-TextPost-76172

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2021.12.03 12:38 superplannergirl This is for u/eggbunni -- the state of my collection :) (hopefully to be joined by penpoint x hydrangea soon)... pen models and paired inks in comments!

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2021.12.03 12:38 DisappointingHero The costs of individual goods do not increase disproportionately to other costs; they increase at the same rate, but are subsidized to different degrees and by different people.

For example, if a meal from a fast food restaurant would need to be $15 to support a living wage for each of its employees, then that meal already costs $15 to purchase. If you are only charged $8 for that meal, then people in the long line of work that goes into growing, transporting, marketing, directing, preparing, and cleaning up after that meal are making up the other $7 on your behalf, directly from their wages.
There's more to it, in how wages are restructured to hit some workers harder than others, but that's the gist of my shower thought.
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2021.12.03 12:38 Hot_Nothing_4337 Husky Inu | Just Launched | 7% Reflections | Rugproof | Low MC - Huge potential | Liquidity Locked for 3 years 🔥

Husky inu is a new coin that is setting out to transform the crypto industry. They will focus on bridging the gap bHusky Inu | Just Launched | 7% Reflections | Rugproof | Low MC - Huge potential | Liquidity Locked for 3 years 🔥 together. We are the first project that not only has real world utility, but will give back to the world in REAL-TIME You do not want to miss out on this coin
Husky Inu is a decentralized Meme Token Based on the Binance Smart Chain,
Also known as the Shusky or the Siberian Shiba, the Husky Inu is a designer dog that is thought to have been developed in the United States some time during the last few decades. Their two ancestor breeds, the Siberian Husky and the Shiba Inu, are Spitz type dogs that share many of the same characteristics
Husky Inu will power a meme Dog NFT platform
📈Token Metrics
Name : Husky inu
Symbol : HuskyInu
Supply : 1 Billion
💰 Token Taxes
1% Auto LP Acquisition
7% Distributed to Holders
2% Marketing.
✅ No Presale
✅ Fair Launch
✅ 100% Rug Proof
✅ 100% Liquidity Lock
Contract: 0x8afe399ecb1936937e3bec9f809443380e031e06
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.12.03 12:38 Konukaame December 3rd ADHS Summary

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2021.12.03 12:38 A-Kacarski Why do i get so negative opinions and negative energy?

So here is the story. I am trying to open my own business( I am a physical therapist). While trying to do so, I am getting negative feedback from closest people (gf, some friends, even my father). I finished my school on time, got into master studies this year so I can upgrade myself. When I talk about this with these people, they somehow manage to turn my positive attitude into negative. They always say this is hard, I don’t think you are going to make it. Personally I am trying my very best and I won’t stop and I wont give up. But my question here is: Are all people like this or i am hanging out with the wrong people? Thanks
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2021.12.03 12:38 JetB0atplane Quick question?

Was Rhodesia apartheid? At all? To what extent? What examples? Doing a paper on the legacy of Robert Mugabe and I need a starting point. Please help. Thanks Scott.
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2021.12.03 12:38 SpookyScarySteph Up close with some Turkey Tail

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2021.12.03 12:38 GoniX_07 Andrea è il Walter White di grenbaud

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2021.12.03 12:38 _unrealized_reality_ Who are they? (Wrong answers only)

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2021.12.03 12:38 ZoidVII I feel like we're not making a big enough deal about the Motion Sensor and the lack of red reticle on PC in Infinite

I'm completely in agreement with how bad the store elements are and how horrible the current coating system is. But I feel like those topics are dominating most discussions about the game's shortcomings while there are some very big issues with core gameplay mechanics.
First, the Motion Sensor. It's currently set at 18 meters, supposedly. I'm not sure if the scaling is off or what but the radar feels useless most of the time. By the time someone shows up on your radar you're already fighting them. I don't even bother crouching to sneak up on people, I literally just sprint up to them and back smack them. It hasn't failed me yet. There have been countless times where an enemy seemingly appears out of thin air and just kills me whereas in any Halo before this one I would have known ahead of time because the effective range of the motion sensor was actually useful. I feel like we should be making a bigger deal out of this so that it gets addressed soon.
Secondly, the lack of a red reticle on PC makes the entire game feel off. It took me a while to realize what it was, because the gameplay feels so good but something about the shooting felt wrong. And then I finally realized I could never tell when I was properly tracking my targets, especially at long ranges. It makes BR fights, sniping, and the already tricky to use Commando feel so awful. Which is crazy considering how great the BR in this game is. I know they nailed the feel of the weapon, but this is just a very awful and lazy way to combat cheaters and makes it feel bad. We already know it isn't even really working so I feel like the community should push to get this changed.
Anyway, that's my two cents. The foundation of the game is fantastic, but it has some really bad issues that need to be addressed. These have been the two most glaring for me so far, aside from some obvious weapon sandbox issues. I also feel like they'd be easy fixes. What do you guys think?
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2021.12.03 12:38 Awesomesauce190 Reshiram raid! 5232-61912906

Appear online please 🙂
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2021.12.03 12:38 actuallymulan Remain in Mexico: migrants face deadly peril as Biden restores Trump policy - The Guardian

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