Everything I manifest comes to pass

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2022.01.22 00:04 TragicalKingdom Everything I manifest comes to pass

I am starting to worry 😹 I just manifested not one, but two new jobs this year. I manifest things for others too & they get it. Idk lemme go manifest more great things :)
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2022.01.22 00:04 thelangdon Got my hippo a new harness for his birthday. Do you think he likes it?

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2022.01.22 00:04 lcz1949 This happening to anyone else or just me and does anyone know how to fix it?

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2022.01.22 00:04 howtheturntables8 RTX 2070 Super temps help!

Hello all,
I recently upgraded my GPU from a 1080 to a used 2070S I managed to get for a decent price.
Now, I thought the 1080 was kinda hot, but damn 2070S is hot af.
Now to be clear, case ventilation is not the best, but I'm getting 83-85c at full load on a 15-20c ambient temp (not sure exactly).
If I open the side panel the temp seemingly dropped but not by a lot.
I am worried that, come summertime, this card is going to be fried.
Now I know the 1080 was a 180w card and the 2070S is 200 IIRC but is that difference causing those temps?
I am using an all-around TG panel case, I have a 280mm AIO in the front (can't place top cause of space) with the 2 out of the 3 front fans running push-pull with the AIO's fans. I also have 1 exhaust fan.
I am kinda disappointed by the temps of this card. Should I try re-pasting? I think the previous owner did it a while back.
Are the temps normal? After a 3 hour session of Forza Horizon 5, max temp 87c with 80% fan speed. Also the card is LOUD.
Sorry for the formating and thanks for any help and input!
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2022.01.22 00:04 purplecat-321 Missing Financial Aid Docs

Will it hurt your application if you have missing financial aid documents? I submitted my css and fafsa to northeastern but haven’t added other financial aid documents.
Will this hurt my chances of admission or cause me to get rejected?
The reason I haven’t bothered is because our efc is over 80k. I applied for need based aid because I didn’t know how this process worked but now I know we won’t be getting anything and my parents don’t want to fill the other stuff out.
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2022.01.22 00:04 onelifeneverlearns Facetime or similar technology

For folks that have video chats in their decree or settlement what did you agree to and how did it work out? What would you have articulated differently in your agreement knowing what you know now?

STBXW uses face time as a virtual visit. She will go on for 15 minutes or more with a 15 month old. Sometimes our child wants no part of the chat, but Mother persists, it's almost like forcing our child to entertain her. I keep my chats under 5 minutes. We both share 50 physical custody. I'm trying to learn about what other people have done and what's the norm, if that's even a thing.

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2022.01.22 00:04 alexisonfire04 A ferocious Chihuahua-Pitbull mix

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2022.01.22 00:04 Theerix218 Lottie is chaotic good, Tai is lawful evil

There is no true indication that Lottie instigates any evil actions. She sees what is happening, and doesn’t like it, but ALL of them are possessed by the cabin “daddy”. Tai is the one who basically forces Lottie to come into the cabin where she was adamant something bad was happening. Tai made her come in basically. Lottie only sees, Tai takes that information and her shadow self will take power.
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2022.01.22 00:04 NORDLAN Doctor debunks DeSantis' claim about Covid-19 vaccines - CNN Video

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2022.01.22 00:04 SignificanceWise2786 What is your most useless talent?

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2022.01.22 00:04 Yako_hello_nurse Kammerzell negotiations with city of Kent expected to be ‘lengthy process’

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2022.01.22 00:04 Miles-220 I have been active here cause i wanna distract myself from missing someone , and i dont think its working.

I miss this person like twice each time i blink , I just dont wanna believe what was reality few days ago is now just a distant memory and all the plans , mere dreams. Ik its not the end of the world just the end of my dream one. God i didnt think it'd be this heart
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2022.01.22 00:04 Impossible-Ad-8462 Two days

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2022.01.22 00:04 Old_Truth6995 Big Ass Twerking Big Booty Hot Girls

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2022.01.22 00:04 flowofthebrush I beat my Emerald nuzlocke with only 1 death! Rules in comments

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2022.01.22 00:04 searchingfortheghost Am I ghosted or catfished?

A guy I met online and I are texting for about 6mos in. We easily found common interests and views so instantly clicked. He would share stuff going on in his life and I do the same. Over time, I learned he had issues and problems and dramas going on in his life so I lent him an ear to support him. He has been isolating, would not eat properly and he talks differently which I understand is because of his problems. I would check in on him daily to ask how he is and if he replies, we talk, if he doesn't, I just text him the next day.
One day, he sent me a very vague apology text telling me he lied, I deserve someone better and that he will stop all communications going forward. I am absolutely confused and hurt over this because nothing in his message made sense. And i guess the reality of losing someone you made a connection hurts. Or the fact i knew he has problems made me worry about him.
I knew certain things about him (not sure if they are real) and photos of him. I tried reverse searching to no avail. But I really want to get in touch to ask what happened or to know whether the man on the photos were stolen or not, too.
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2022.01.22 00:04 theangelzero89 Cual es la diferencia entre hacer el amor y tener sexo?

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2022.01.22 00:04 paradisesales Thich Nhat Hanh, influential Buddhist monk, dies at 95

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2022.01.22 00:04 bucket--bot stuff because I just knows i'm forcing myself

by britain if a vowel
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2022.01.22 00:04 Doubl3A-BMF Clothes for Club 2K in next gen

Where do I buy clothes for club 2k in next gen?
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2022.01.22 00:04 Upper-System-9366 Does anyone know where I can get the thunder eggs explore quests thingy? Or did it just disappear

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2022.01.22 00:04 KennyHikes 220121 - sweet_girls_0525 Instagram Update with Yabuki Nako (& Haruna Nako)

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2022.01.22 00:04 Jesse_steedman I want to *decide* to get better for me and my boyfriend.

Hey my name is jesse , I’m 18 . I have anxiety and ocd . I fear things I think and obsess about them but I want to change that for my boyfriend and me . I get in moods (sad) and it’s not healthy for the both of us . I listen to music that isn’t helpful for my mental health . I dwell on the past and things I fear . I let my feelings get the best of me even if they are not true . Jon makes me happy and he is the best person I have right now and I want to keep him in my life as long as I can (I can’t say forever but I’m hoping it is) . If anyone can help please comment
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2022.01.22 00:04 No-Leopard8646 What celebrity death will genuinely upset you?

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2022.01.22 00:04 KingMuffling (NGB) ZGMF-X24S Chaos Gundam AC

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