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Former Child Bride: Biden's Afghan Resettlement Certain to Bring 'Culture of Forced Marriage' to U.S.

2022.01.21 22:32 nimobo Former Child Bride: Biden's Afghan Resettlement Certain to Bring 'Culture of Forced Marriage' to U.S.

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2022.01.21 22:32 balloonbottom99 i have a confession

whenever i get a new dm, i stalk all of your posts. and replies. i’m sorry but i will not stop
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2022.01.21 22:32 E1ite_Spartan Halo Infinite Walkthrough Part 9 Mission 9 The Sequence

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2022.01.21 22:32 TheTruckWashChannel The transitions on Dawn FM are sublime.

Not just the tracks that actually bleed into each other (like How Do I Make You Love Me -> Take My Breath) but even the ones that don't. I particularly like how the radio station chime at the end of Here We Go Again immediately jumps into the bass stabs in Best Friends ("The number one station to lift your soul, Dawn 103.5!" >> BOOM - BOOM BOOM). It's jarring but somehow works so well. Or how the Rhodes keys at the start of Phantom Regret sound like a dying, fading version of Less Than Zero (since it's the same key and tempo). The tracks are just so well-placed.
My favorite among the "smooth" transitions has to be the Quincy Jones interlude into Out of Time, it's just perfect. The backing track for Quincy is like a stripped-down, lo-fi version of Out of Time, and it's so cathartic when it just seamlessly explodes into those vibrant, shimmering synths and 80s drums. The symmetry between Quincy's narration and the lyrics to Out of Time is also brilliant, the two are definitely companion pieces.
The album took a few listens to grow on me but I've had it on repeat for the last two weeks, it's probably the most cohesive and unified project he's ever put out.
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2022.01.21 22:32 VeryVeryBoredGuy Playing around with neon stuff

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2022.01.21 22:32 liaminator1121 want to upgrade but not sure if i should wait for next gen GPUs.

not sure if im in the right place but wanted to ask if anybody knows or can speculate from past releases when the next gen GPUs will be coming out, wanted to upgrade to 1440p and decided to get a gpu that would get close to 120-144 fps more reliably as my current gpu does struggle with getting 144 with some games on 1080p, the only problem is that my only option for buying is online and every gpu capable on every site i check are 2x and sometimes 3x the original price which made me think that i should wait for the next gen gpu's as they would be better and cheaper if im lucky to get one, im not gonna die if i dont upgrade but just enjoy building pcs and thought i might as well work towards something and get something better while im at it which means i dont mind waiting like a year if thats the case.
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2022.01.21 22:32 hugegayballs I love the feeling of soaked shoes and wet socks.

Not much I can say about this really, I just like when water fills my shoes. Everything feels so much lighter and bouncier and fun, I just associate it with stuff like summer, bonfires, the beach, trampolines… Plus it’s fun to peel your socks off after, it’s like peeling off a face mask. And the noise your shoes make when you’re bouncing or running is funny.
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2022.01.21 22:32 Diamond_Helmet59 I recreated the model of the Stalker (the early development version of the Warden) that we saw in a clip in the Secrets of Minecraft episode recently!

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2022.01.21 22:32 JinxNotJynx Y’all are weird

Some of y’all pretty much brag about having mental issues, really weird
It’s not a personality trait and you need to stop self-diagnosing
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2022.01.21 22:32 cogshell Progression of my legacy's house!

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2022.01.21 22:32 bringham2001 I feel upset

So im (20m) and my gf is (21f) for context. So theres a movie ive wanted to watch with her forever, its my favorite and she knows Its my favorite, and on multiple occasions ive suggested we watch it and shed always say no, well a few hrs ago she had her friend over and they watched that same movie, and my gf is the one that wanted to watch it, i feel upset about it bc she knows ive wanted to watch it with her, i dont want to overreact and start an argument over it or anything what do yall think?
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2022.01.21 22:32 Orangeini How to actually control a dream?

Hey everybody! I have tactics for starting dreams, grounding in them, becoming lucid, becoming aware of my surroundings, ect ect ect. I got all of that but I’ve found literally nothing on actually HOW to control my surroundings which I’ve found is the hardest part for me. Things just reset themselves when I change them? Ik its my own brain and I control it but it really doesn’t feel that way. Any tips?
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2022.01.21 22:32 Queerdough Perv the Parrot

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2022.01.21 22:32 OkBuyer1271 Should there be a penalty for abusing your pet?

View Poll
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2022.01.21 22:32 ODD_Podcast Question involving druids in 5e and armor.

So I have recently run into a question from one of my players that I simply can not answer and no forum is worth digging through for one
If a moon druid wild shapes, do they get to keep the +2 bonus from wielding a shield?
So far the only thing thing I can find on this is that a druid can choose to keep and gain the benefits of items as they shape or just drop all worn and carried equipment.
Any sort of additional insight or links or anything would be most appreciated!
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2022.01.21 22:32 prettylatinatoes Which one do you like more?

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2022.01.21 22:32 hippomar Cutting balls off a silicone dildo

Pretty self explanatory... has anybody tried this? What would be the best tool to use?
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2022.01.21 22:32 TheseAd3162 Blackooz Cheating

Blackooz Cheating https://preview.redd.it/pm8b2j2975d81.png?width=1596&format=png&auto=webp&s=2dec8e71d7b8064fbce9b5527f2132a67c3e58b7
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2022.01.21 22:32 jlutwack First time pc setup. How’d I do?

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2022.01.21 22:32 SAD__KUN ¿Predicción?

¿Algunas ves viste una visión y te diste cuenta que esa visión era real y no un juego de tu cerebro?
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2022.01.21 22:32 Recent-Heron5637 Somebody to you Vamps ft Demi lovato.

Demi Lovato seems removed from the song she’s no longer on the spotify version????
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Debido a unos temitas cambiamos el dominio y nombre, es todo igual pero cambia eso jaja
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2022.01.21 22:32 moncayk1 Double One Piece continues on January 29th and February 5th

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2022.01.21 22:32 Avatorn01 Shrek Bait

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2022.01.21 22:32 Emjoy99 Installing power converter

Adding 36> 12 v power converter so accessories draw from all batteries not two as it is currently set up.
What is the thinking on whether or not it should be powered with key only? Currently it isn’t and I’m thinking it would be better to prevent accidental drain to have it keyed.
Let me know your thoughts and thanks in advance.
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